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Share Your Music With Everyone

Symwe is the first music sharing platform. On Symwe you can share your favorite music with your dearest friends. let everyone know who you are, which music you like and discover new songs.

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  • Symwe is an new social media app that purely focuses on the music industry.

  • With an abundance of features that are known from original social media, Symwe strives to create a completely new platform that allows for the individual to share his/her passion for music.

  • Symwe is expected to launch in 2020. Stay Tuned!



Symwe Screens

Symwe launch

Come join us!

At this moment Symwe is under develpment! The Symwe Launch will be in 2021 and will be in Alkmaar, the Netherlands. If you want more information please don't hesitate and contact us or follow us on Instagram & Facebook. We hope to see you there!

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