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Key Features

Music, Share, Friends, Life

• Share music with friends and others

• Discover new music and new artists

• Be the first who listen the newest songs

• Make music groups, add songs and friends

  • Stay on top of the latest news about YOUR music favorites

  • Follow events & festivals that are coming up for their latest news

  • With an easy to understand interface, easily filter your your screen to what you want to see

  • Follow artists, music genres, and the latest music and play it directly on your music streaming service

  • Easily share your with your Symwe profile with your friends

  • Create a shared playlist with your friends and import it directly to your streaming service

  • Artists have a more closer connection with their audience, as Symwe is purely focused on the music industry. Users of Symwe are more likely to be more passionate about music and so are mosre likely to become promoters of the artist, songs, events and festivals

  • Festivals are more present in the top-of-mind of users. Other social media platforms have so much distractions that users lose the focus on what’s most important: The Event. With Symwe, users have a clear overview of upcoming events and artists, which is also posted in the feeds of users

  • Unique opportunity for eventmanagers and recordlabels for promoting their latest and upcoming work!

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